Real Estate Buying Tips
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Real Estate Buying Tips

  • Top Buying Tips
  • Avoid major purchases before getting a loan. Increasing your debt worsen your chances of getting the loan approved.
  • Get pre-approved! The loan process will go quicker and you can focus on homes within your price range.
  • Think resale when selecting a home will help you make well-informed decisions.
  • Buying from a builder? Have an advocate on your side. Take your Realtor® with you!
  • Popular properties priced right go quickly. If you like that home act fast!
  • An unrealistic offer only helps your competitors look good.

Choosing the Right Property
Is location everything when buying a new home? There are more personal factors to consider when buying a home.

The main factor is affordability. It is possible to borrow money from the mortgage lenders. However, there is no point in buying the house of your dreams only to later find that you have financially over-committed yourself.

Location, location, location
You have heard it mentioned before, but it really is the key when taking into consideration the growth in value of your property. Properties in certain areas will hold their value a lot better than properties in less attractive areas, where generally lose their value a lot quicker in a buyer's market. You should consider what is important to you when deciding on a location, such as local transport facilities, distance from work, schools and entertainment.

Find the Right Property
The best way to find the right property is to create a working relationship with one agent and have that agent represent you. Most buyers don't realize that the seller or developer usually pays the fee. Based on your needs and wants a good Realtor® can show you the right property sooner without you driving all around hoping to find what you want, and you get the positives and negatives regarding any property you are interested in.

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